Inartis Project founded in 2009 in Moscow to maintain cultural process and develop Russian art market. The main aim of the Project is to enlighten public in the sphere of art through the exhibitions at world best museums and galleries, conduction of the educational programs, video shows, master classes, lections, publishing of books and catalogs and media publications. 

Inartis Project focuses on limited edition prints of Russian and foreign modern artists and famous for its exhibitions activity within the framework of Inartis gallery. Inartis is the largest gallery in Russia, specialized in providing limited edition and original prints by established and emerging artists. Gallery participates in the international art fairs, introducing contemporary Russian artists to the global art community. 

Since its foundation the Project have organized such large-scale exhibitions as "Salvador Dali: Memoirs about Surrealism", "Alice in Wonderland", graphic works of John Tenniel, "Pre-raphaelite graphic works", "Collective Unconscious: graphic works from De Chirico to Magritte", "Giger. Graphics. Retrospective". 

 Mission of the Project: 

 • facilitate the integration of Russian art in the global art context; 
 • contribute to affordability of international art in Russia; 
 • advance successful art-market development; 
 • raise the level of cultural education in Russia.